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ments in local autonomy and all those old ideas,
and a little more about the enfranchisement of
the mind.   Suppose we drop that old cant about
politically immature peoples.
That is one direction in which Mr Streifs
proposals are open to improvement. Let us
turn to another in which he does not seem to
have realised all the implications of his proposal.
This great Union is to have a union money and
a union customs-free economy. What follows
upon that ? More I think than he realises.
There is one aspect of money to which the
majority of those that discuss it seem to be
incurably blind. You cannot have a theory of
money or any plan about money by itself in the
air. Money is not a thing in itself; it is a working
part of an economic system. Money varies in
its nature with the laws and ideas of property in a
community. As a community moves towards
collectivism and communism, for example, money
simplifies out. Money is as necessary in a com-
munism as it is in any other system, but its
function therein is at its simplest. Payment in
kind to the worker gives him no freedom of
choice among the goods the community
produces. Money does. Money becomes the
incentive that " works the worker " and nothing